The 210 School of Music will operate with the following policies as a guideline. While some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, the School reserves the right to enforce these policies, and by enrolling, our students and families agree to them.

Instructor Responsibilities

Instructors are responsible for providing weekly music instruction at the agreed upon time slot(s), preparing materials in advance for each lesson. Instructors will work with each student as an individual, always keeping in mind his/her unique interests and abilities. We understand that each student learns differently. This is why our instructors teach with a curriculum in mind, but with the flexibility to deviate from that curriculum. Our curricula - just like the business itself - are based on the three core values of fun, community, and creativity. We believe that students should have a degree of freedom to guide their own learning (within reason) to encourage long-term musical enjoyment. Also to this end, our teaching style favors a more commercial approach rather than a classical one. Our holistic approach to education means that student-teacher relationships are built on trust and an attitude of caring. We believe it is in this context that students are most receptive to learning the valuable skills and insight our instructors have to offer.

Student/Parent Responsibilities

Students are responsible for arriving at lessons on-time, with the recommended books and other material in hand. Students should come ready to learn and respectfully receive from their instructor. We understand that everyone has bad days, so we’ll do our best to always make the lesson engaging and enjoyable. But blatantly disrespectful, aggressive and/or rebellious behavior is not tolerated. Children will be given two warnings for such behavior, and a third warning will result in early dismissal from the lesson without a refund. On the flipside, young students exhibiting good behavior and trying their best to complete a task are awarded a sticker on their chart. After completing a full row on their chart, children may receive a piece of candy, or may continue to add to their chart in order to receive a special treat when the chart is completely filled.


Parents are expected to stay on the premise for the duration of their child’s lesson for the comfort and safety of the student and the instructor. An iPad streaming a live camera will be present in the lobby to maintain constant visual of everything that goes on inside the studio. In addition, the doors of the studio are to remain unobstructed so that there is always a line of sight from the lobby area. Parents are not required to stay on premise for group lessons where 2 or more students are present at the same time, but are always welcome to stay. Parents may choose to sit in on private lessons unless it becomes a distraction or prevents a student from being able to learn effectively. Parents may be asked to sit in on a lesson at the instructor’s discretion. This may be helpful in situations where students have had a history of disrespectful behavior, or are prone to frequently getting off task. Our teachers will use certain strategies for encouraging positive behavior and discouraging negative behavior. Ultimately we yield to and rely on the discipline strategies and wishes of the parent. The 210 School of Music encourages open and honest dialogue about behavior issues. 

Siblings are always welcome to be around the studio lobby and/or outside the house during a lesson, but should be properly supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. The 210 School of Music will not be held responsible for harm which comes to any child as a result of not being properly supervised by his or her parent or guardian.

Practice Expectations

Students are expected to spend time at home practicing on a regular basis. The exact amount of time spent practicing will really depend on the student’s goals, but for students just starting out, we recommend a minimum of 10 minutes, 3 times a week. For students who are highly motivated and on a course to professional musicianship, 2-3 hours of practice every day (or more) may be necessary. 

In order to get the most out of their learning experience, we suggest daily practice of 15-30 minutes, where the practice session is broken up into 15-20 minutes of focused practice and 10-15 minutes of free play. The latter is important to encourage students to discover new things about their instrument and to make sure music remains a fun and creative experience. Equally important is the focused practice, which is done in the pursuit of certain growth objectives agreed upon by student and teacher. A goals chart is provided to every student to keep them accountable and to help them gain an appreciation for how they have progressed. This chart should remain in a folder or preferrably a 3-ring binder provided by the parent and brought to each lesson (For band classes, a 3-ring binder will be included in the registration fee).

Studio Calendar

Lessons are conducted year round. We observe the following holidays, on which days there will be no lessons held:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)

  • Independence Day (July 4th)

  • Mother’s Day (2nd Sunday in May)

  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

  • Father’s Day (3rd Sunday in June)

  • Labor Day (First Monday of September)

  • Halloween (October 31st)

  • Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of November) - No lessons held between the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and the Sunday after

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24th and 25th) - No lessons held starting the Monday before Christmas through the January 1st (subject to slight change year-to-year).


Apart from this list, lessons on any other day of the year will occur as usual. We do, however, respect family traditions and are happy to accommodate with makeups when given advanced notice regarding the observance of holidays not included in this list.

Annual events hosted by the 210 School of Music may include:

  • Spring Concert - generally held in May

  • International Make Music Day (Summer) Jam and Celebration - June 21st

  • October - Fall Social Gathering (date and time TBD)

  • International Make Music Day (Winter) Jam and Celebration - December 21st


Your monthly payments cover not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but also time spent in preparation for the lessons. It also aids in paying for business costs, including:

  • Development and maintenance of teaching curriculum

  • The instructor’s training and experience

  • Professional memberships

  • Insurance and taxes

  • Music lending library

  • Printing, scanning, copying 

  • Administrative tasks, such as invoicing and scheduling

Invoices are sent out at the beginning of each month prior to or on the day of the student’s first lesson. Tuition is paid month-to-month and should be received online or by cash/check by the student’s first lesson of each month. Payments received after this point are considered late and are subject to a late fee of  3%. This monthly payment guarantees the student's time slot. If payment is not remitted by the second lesson of a given month, an email reminder will be sent out. If the student has not paid by the 3rd week, they forfeit their remaining lesson and that time slot will be offered to other incoming students.

Questions about the invoice are always welcome and should be submitted via email to 210schoolofmusic@gmail.com within a week of receipt in order to avoid a late fee.

For online payment, families are encouraged to enter bank account information into our secure student portal for the quick and cost-free processing of monthly payments. Families may choose to set-up auto pay or may pay manually via the invoice. Payments by credit card will be subject to a 3% processing fee, while bank account transfers are exempt from this fee.

In the case of a bounced check, families may be charged a late fee and asked to move to cash or online payment for future payments.

Missed Lessons/Make-Up Policies

Missed lessons for any reason are non-refundable when notice has not been received 24 hours in advance. When students first register with the 210 School of Music, they are given the option to choose between two make up policies. The two policies are:

  1. Flexible Scheduling ($120/month) - Students are expected to provide 24 hours advanced notice in order to be eligible for a make-up lesson. Students are limited to 8 make-up slots in a given year and make-up times include but are not limited to Sunday afternoons or the student’s regular lesson time in months with 5 weeks (occurs 4 times a year). Students/Parents may cancel and/or reschedule lessons using the student portal, or by contacting their instructor via some written form of communication (text or email). If 8 make-ups have been issued in a given year, the student will be moved to the No Make-Ups Option but will continue to be charged at the rate of $120/month. A year is considered to run from August - July so that students start with a fresh set of make-up credits at the start of a new school year.

  2. No Make-Ups Option ($100/month) - Students will only be eligible for make-ups in the case of teacher absence or when extreme weather/Act of God occur.

In any case where a student is eligible for a make-up lesson, the teacher reserves the right to simply offer a refund or a credit to the following month’s balance rather than a make-up lesson, and may do so if a make-up time slot cannot be agreed upon by student and teacher. When a makeup credit is issued, it is the responsibility of the parent/student to inquire about possible make-up dates. The credit can be used at any time that is agreed upon by the instructor and student, but will expire 6 months after it is issued. The student portal provides families with the ability to check available make-up slots and reserve them online.


Once a year in the spring, the 210 School of Music hosts a concert featuring our students alongside other local talent for a night of music, food, and fun. The event is open to all students who are encouraged to perform solo and/or as part of a band/ensemble to demonstrate the skills they are developing in their lessons. A registration fee will apply which covers the cost of food, event support staff, etc. Students are strongly encouraged to participate, but not required. Students enrolling in bands or ensembles are expected to commit to attending and performing. Family members and friends are welcome to attend. Other performances may occur throughout the year, particularly opportunities for those students enrolled in bands and ensembles.

Terminating Lessons

If you wish to stop lessons, please provide notice by email at least one week prior to the start of a new month. This allows time for the instructor to plan accordingly and fill up that lesson slot with students on a wait list. Students will continue to receive the lessons they've paid for until the end of the monthly cycle when the termination will take effect. Refunds will not be issued if cancellation occurs before the student’s last lesson of the month. Students in group lessons are expected to remain part of the band for a full semester and are asked to provide notice a month in advance if they must withdraw prior to the end of December (Fall Semester) or May (Spring Semester). Not providing such notice will result in an early termination fee of $25. Understand that taking a break from lessons for any amount of time means you forfeit your agreed upon lesson time. 

Media Release

Photos, videos, and other media are often used to highlight the programs offered by the 210 School of Music. Media which features real students is not only an effective marketing tool, but also can be a great source of pride for students when they have a picture or video featured on social media, a newsletter, or the website. We respect every family’s right to privacy and will not post such media without permission. Families will be provided with a release form as part of the registration process with which to elect their preference regarding the use of such media.



 By signing the registration form (part of the New Student Info Package) and beginning lessons with the 210 School of Music, students agree to these policies. We value our families and will always do our best to serve their needs and grant their requests whenever possible. But we respectfully ask that you refrain from pushing the boundaries set forth by these policies. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

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