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Group Lessons

One of the things that makes the 210 SoM unique is our emphasis on playing music in a group. We believe that students are most successful when they can learn music alongside their peers, which is why every student is encouraged to become part of a band. Group lessons are broken into two categories:


Group Instruction involves 3-5 students learning the same instrument.

Band/Ensemble involves 3-8 students, often on different instruments, learning to create music and perform together with the help of a band coach. 

Some of Group Classes Lessons include...

Band/Ensemble                   Group Instruction

Teen Pop/Rock Band          Adult Beginner Guitar           

Kids Rock Band                   Adult Beginner Ukulele

Teen Worship Band           

Kids Guitar Ensemble

Not sure which group lesson is right for you? Click Here.

Individual Lessons

We believe individual lessons are vital to the growth of any musician. One-on-one lessons with a highly qualified instructor are offered for the following instruments:

Drums                                                               Guitar (acoustic or electric)                     Beginner Piano

Recording/Mixing (with Pro Tools)                Beginner Ukulele

Individual lessons are custom-fit to the student. Some younger students can only handle 15 minutes at a time, while the more mature player may want an hour long lesson. The most popular time slot is 30 minutes once a week. One thing all students can expect is an emphasis on understanding music theory and learning to play what they hear. Please visit our rates page for more details about cost.


Some music schools call them recitals. Our concerts break the mold of the traditional recital, featuring performances by local musical talent alongside performance by our students. Our concerts are sure to provide an entertaining experience for the whole family and inspire aspiring young musicians in the process.


Once a year in May, we hold a concert for all students enrolled in group or individual lessons. Showing off what they have been learning throughout the semester is a great way to motivate students and help them develop the ability to play confidently in front of their friends and family. Students are strongly encouraged to perform in a concert, and playing with their group is an excellent way to take the edge off of stage fright for inexperienced performers.


Recording Studio

Another unique service provided by the 210 SoM is our well-equipped recording studio. Offering services to currently enrolled students at a discount, we aim to provide all of our students with experience capturing their musical creativity. We want our students to possess a tangible product that they can show for all of their hard work in learning their musical craft.


Annual Membership at the 210 SoM offers students many added benefits, and is particularly worthwhile for those who think music may become more than just a hobby in their lives. Membership benefits are broken down into three categories and include:


4 hours of studio time per semester

10% off group lessons

Discounted/free access to seminars and performances


10 hours of studio time per semester

15% off group lessons

Discounted/free access to seminars and performances

Opportunities to perform 4 times annually


20 hours of studio time per semester

20% off group lessons

Discounted/free access to seminars and performances

Opportunities to perform 6 times annually

3 hours of artist development mentoring

Discounted cost for video shoots and CD design services

Students may elect a semi-annual or annual membership, and can choose to pay in a lump sum or monthly (refer to rates page for more details).

A Little More About Group Lessons...

Group Instruction

Great for adults who's busy schedules don't allow them to put consistent, focused attention into practicing.

Not the best for young students who struggle to stay on task.



Designed to give students the sort of peer interaction that helps them to grow not only musically, but emotionally and relationally as well.

Provides opportunities to explore the "real world" of gigs, performing, and recording.

Group Instruction

Group lessons are considered a trial period before enrolling a student in private lessons, or simply a more cost-effective way to learn an instrument (with the tradeoff of not receiving highly individualized instruction offered with private lessons). 



Bands focus on learning the skills of playing with a group and performing.

Band is a great complement to a private lesson.

Group Instruction

If you're looking for a class on a subject not centered around a specific instrument. This may include songwriting, mixing/Pro Tools, or Music Theory.



For students who have gone through the basics of learning their instrument, usually 2-3 months of private lessons.



By Appointment Only. Please call to schedule your lesson or studio time!


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