210 Music Productions

What is included in package costs?

Packages include set up and tear down, but does not cover a travel fee (where applicable). See below for more info about travel expenses. Packages do not include a technician being onsite. Packages include cables to make system operational, including the most common audio cables to connect your device to our system, such as RCA audio, 1/8" (mini) connector, XLR cables, or 1/4" cables. Some specialty cables may be available for an additional fee. Finally, the set-up technician will provide users with a brief tutorial on how to use the equipment for no additional charge.

Can I request a custom equipment list?

Absolutely! Our packages give you an idea of what is available, but we are more than happy to custom fit an equipment list to your needs. Some price adjustments will likely apply when deviating from the standard equipment list.

What does it cost to have a technician running the equipment for my event?

$50/hr, rounded up to the nearest half hour.

How far do you travel? What fees are involved for travel?

Our standard service area includes St Johns, Duval, and Clay counties, where no travel fee applies. Outside of a 25 mile radius of the 32259 zip code will incur a $1/mile travel fee.

Is there a minimum and maximum time for renting equipment?

Our price structure is generally based on a day rental. You can use the equipment for 2 hours or 24 hours and the cost will be the same. However, special pricing may be available for events where a technician is required.

Is there a minimum rental cost?

Our minimum rate is $125 for any service requiring setup and tear down. If you are interested in picking up equipment, we can accommodate these requests and the minimum would be based upon what equipment is needed. If you just need a single wired vocal mic, for example, this can be provided for as little as $10/day.

How much advanced notice is needed?

We request at least 2 weeks notice for your event, and we reserve the right to decline your request for any reason (not that we don't want to work with you, don't take it personally!). If you call us looking for equipment within 2 weeks, we will probably have limited or no availability. You may alternatively request service up to a year in advance. 

What deposit is required to reserve equipment? How and when do I pay?

In order to hold equipment for a given date, a deposit is required of 10% or $50, whatever is greater. Following your submission of our event information form, we will be in touch to work out some details. Depending on the complexity of the event, we may take up to a week to provide you with a custom contract. We ask that you send us a signed copy, along with your non-refundable deposit, within 72 hours of receipt of the contract. The balance must be collected 24 hours before the event begins. Payments must be made by cash, personal check, or online, which is subject to a  3% transaction fee.

Do you really expect me to know how to use this stuff?!

Great question! If you consider yourself technologically illiterate and don't trust yourself using our technology, we recommend paying for a technician to remain onsite for the duration of your event. However, we promise many of our setups can be so simple that even the least tech-savvy person can handle it (assuming equipment remains unaltered during your event). 


We provide a free orientation to the equipment to ensure you are comfortable and do our best to provide phone support if needed (subject to availability, and within business hours). By not paying for a technician, you agree that you are not holding 210 Music Productions liable for user error-related failures. Equipment failures however, are a different story (read on).

What if equipment breaks while I'm renting?

It's incredibly unlikely that our equipment will break while in use. We purchase high quality equipment that performs great under stress, but nothing is 100% certain and we acknowledge that sometimes equipment may fail. If this happens during your event, and the cause of the failure is mechanical, and not related to user error or an act of God (lightning strike, bad weather, etc.), we will offer a full refund. In such cases, we will have to perform a thorough check of the equipment to determine the fault. Upon inspection, if it is determined that equipment abuse is to blame for the failure, no refunds will be issued. Suffice it to say, respecting the equipment is in everyone's best interest!

What risks are involved in using your equipment?

We require an indemnity agreement be signed by all users of our equipment, acknowledging that misuse of equipment can in some cases, lead to bodily harm. Obviously if you decide to turn up our speakers to 100% volume and put your ear 6" away, you can't hold us responsible for your hearing loss. Similarly, if you decide a speaker stand would be a great place to hang your piñata, we can't be held responsible when a speaker fails on someone (in fact, you'll likely be held responsible for repairing or replacing our equipment). As long as we're on the same page about these common-sense realities, there will be no reason to worry! Check out our safety guidelines for more information.