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One of the values that sets apart the 210 School of Music is an emphasis on community. Just as we believe in training musicians, we believe strongly in building relationships. We believe students thrive when they can share music with others and grow in a community that encourages them and celebrates their success. Our goal is to put every student in a group of other like-minded musicians, providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent through community events.

In support of these goals, we provide some online resources that we think our students and parents will love!

Our Student Portal provides each student with his or her own profile to track practice time and access valuable practice tools. The Portal can be used for students in the same group to share things like chord charts and audio files. In addition, a discussion forum gives students and parents alike a place to voice their opinions, or simply discuss practice schedules or band performances.

We hope you will find these resources easy to use and beneficial, and that your life will be enriched by the community that is the 210 School of Music!